by Ellyn Bache

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-23033-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Barbara Cohen spent the carefree days of her childhood in a Washington D.C. suburb known as Riggs Park. Over the years she has maintained a close relationship with one special childhood friend, Marilyn. When Marilyn calls her and needs her support as she faces her second battle with cancer, Barbara doesnít hesitate to answer the call.

Marilyn needs more than the household help that Barbara can offer. She also needs some help in closing out her past. She has many thoughts and feelings she still feels a need to face and finally close out with truth, and not speculation. The task of seeking the truth falls to a reluctant Barbara, who must also face her own her past out of respect and loyalty to Marilyn.

As Barbara digs into the mystery she realizes how hard it is to go home again. Was Riggs Park truly the perfect haven she remembers? What secrets have long time residents held over the years? Finding the answers may give closure to what happened to a friend named Penny, but may also destroy the life that Barbara has always known.

When I started Riggs Park I knew it was not a romance novel. I do not think I was prepared for the complexity of the story. As an avid reader I read for enjoyment and to escape the grind of daily life. Unfortunately Riggs Park felt like a task I had to force myself to complete.

What I had hoped to read was a story of unconditional support between two friends. What I got was more a story of investigating a decadeís old conspiracy and how it affects the relationships of the parties involved in keeping the secrets.

At the end of the story I felt no closer to any of the characters than I had in the beginning. Iím not convinced I wonít try another book by this author, however I wonít be rushing to make sure I have everything she has ever written.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Shelby.

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