by Jennifer Archer

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-23034-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Three women of three different generations living in one house. Can there be peace? Both a mother and a daughter, forty-one year old recently divorced Cecilia Dupree is not too sure. Her widowed mother, Belle, has recently moved into her house and tends to think she wrote the book on parenting, and her daughter, Erin, once her best friend and the perfect teenager, has suddenly taken on a rebellious phase. Life is pretty tough for Cecilia.

It starts to get even worse when she introduces a steamy romance novel in the senior citizensí romance group that she hosts at Belleís old retirement home. When the group members start to practice what they read, Cecilia finds herself at the bad end of a lawsuit and hiding out from the media. Itís enough to make a normal person go in search of counseling; Cecilia would of course if she wasnít a counselor herself.

Thereís a new literary goddess in town, and her name is Jennifer Archer. With Sandwiched, Archer tells it like it is and holds no punches as she serves up a humorous yet insightful look at the life of a middle-aged divorcee. Sandwiched is witty and well-written and will stick to readersí hands and hearts like it was attached with crazy glue.

Archerís use of Ceciliaís daily schedule, Erinís emails, and Belleís letter was an ingenuous idea which pays off handsomely with an engaging story which does not decrease in intensity for one word. The smooth, steady pace of the novel can also be credited to its finely crafted characters. The players of Sandwiched are a magnetic company and all standouts in their own right. Each individual depiction comes across the pages as a real person who has genuine thoughts and feelings.

Belle, in particular, had a moving story. Not only was she dealing with the loss of her spouse, but she also had to deal with the loss of years and the fact that she herself was being treated like a child by her own daughter. Somehow, she handles it all with warm humor and a quiet dignity that is completely endearing. Belleís fellow book club members also give the novel a delightful dose of high spirits.

Sandwiched is the one book youíve been waiting for this year. No matter how busy you are, it deserves to be sandwiched into your schedule.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Natasha.

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