by Dorothy McFalls

May 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21499-4
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Mass Market Paperback

When an injury from the Peninsular campaign leaves Radford, the fourth Viscount Evers, with a lingering disability, this stubborn bachelor who has long ignored the issue of marriage comes to terms with his responsibilities to his family name. Even though the last thing he wants to do is marry, he will. Nevertheless, the woman he chooses must of course have certain qualities. For instance, the lady in question must be young, and of a noble family. Perhaps even more important, she must be good-natured at all times and have a sincere fondness for horses. It is qualities like these that make up the Viscountís marriage list. The woman he marries will have all the qualities on the list and then some. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The Lady Lillian makes no effort to hide the fact that she has set her cap for Radford. She is young, of a quality family, and Radfordís mother approves of the match. Even Radford himself admits that she would be the perfect wife for him. If that is true, then why can Radford not get the delightful May Sheffers out of his mind? May is rude, impetuous, and nothing more than a paid companion with a questionable lineage. She doesnít even like horses. By God, she possesses none of the qualities on his list. Now, if only he can convince his heart that she is not good enough.

The Marriage List by Dorothy McFalls is a delightfully fun way of looking at the road to matrimony. Although a little dark in a place or two, the engaging plot, makes The Marriage List stand out as a heart warming Regency romance.

The well-drawn characters and the clever dialogue are a winning combination. Radford is an intriguing man to behold as he attempts to fight his feelings for May, and May, even as she is assaulted by the harsh words of others, remains a kind and gentle woman. Readers will be moved by her love for Radford.

If youíre a fan of Regency romances, you definitely want to move The Marriage List to the top of your reading list. With appealing characters and an outstanding story line, this book has all the qualities of a top-notch read.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Natasha.

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