by Sue Margolis

May 2005
ISBN: 0-385-33734-5
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What's a little identity theft between co-workers?

Cynthia Fishbein is one hardworking junior copywriter at a London ad agency. She's 100% a sweetheart to the core, never complains about anything, and she takes care of everyone around her - from a foul-mouthed mynah bird to an eBay addicted father - she's the epitome of "good." Cyn is so good that even her therapist tells her that she's too nice.

Then her extremely catty American transplanted co-worker sets out to ruin Cyn's life and steals one of Cyn's brilliant ideas - and all bets are off. Cyn comes up with an extremely incredible plan in hopes of salvaging her career - and maybe just a little bit of revenge in the process. She steals the woman's identity, with the support of her highly eccentric, but intelligent friends Hugh and Harmony.

All of a sudden, Cyn is breaking out of her quaint, but well-accessorized shell. She's starting to inject a little "bad" into her life and she just can't stop herself. Before she knows it, she's breaking all the rules, starting with her group therapy's number one rule by dating another group member - Joe, the sexy commitment-phobe that seems to be perfectly made for her. If he weren't afraid of commitment, that is.

When her scheme starts to backfire - will it mean the end of her career, her relationship, and that "good girl" reputation she's held all her life? Has she committed an Original Cyn?

Written by wickedly funny Sue Margolis, Original Cyn's title character is adorably neurotic, and the story flows along at an enjoyable pace, from Cyn's Smart Car prize all the way to the hiking boot incident. Featuring a particularly insane cast of characters in the roles of Cyn's family and friends, Original Cyn is truly a wonderful romantic comedy - humor with a heart of gold.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Amanda B.

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