by Jill Winters

May 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21506-0
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Just Peachy is Peachís story, we met her before in her sister Lonnieís story, Plum Girl. Peach is still giving out advice whether people want it or not and she was still fixing up her friends or in this case her co-worker. But at the same time she is also falling for the new network administrator, Adam.

Peach is working for a gift basket company. The company is pretty informal and small but growing. She has one co-worker, Dennis that she feels sorry for and she knows that all he needs is a woman in his life. So that is her new goal to find Dennis a woman and she comes across the perfect one or so she hopes. Can the match-up really work? Only time will tell.

Peach canít stop with the advice and helps out anyone she feels is in need of it and that includes co-workers, well, at least some of them, and their families. It seems she has taken it a little too far for newcomer Adam both with his personal life and his family.

Adam seems to be your typical computer geek. He likes to hide behind the computer when he can and of course with Peach that isnít always easy. He is caught up in her little drama with Dennis. Adam isnít sure he wants a relationship, he is in one at the moment, but she is out of country and well, there is Peach, up close and personal. Adam doesnít know what he wants and goes back and forth between wanting a girl friend and then not, who knows what he wants. Will he decide it is Peach after all that he wants? Can the instant friendship and then her interference into his life be too much for him to handle?

The story is set around Peach and her life. We have the disappearance of Dennis that Peach is blaming on herself. She tries to solve his disappearance with Adam's help. This is a slow moving book and well, I could have easily put it down and not given it another thought, but I didnít. Iíd read two other books by Ms. Winters and I enjoyed both of them. This one left me a little disappointed. I had more laughs from Buster, the dog then I did anywhere else. Even with my disappointment it will not stop me from reading another book by Ms. Winters.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pam.

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