by Sheri Gilmore

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-086-9
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Jessi Tanner is on a hunt, a hunt for the person who murdered her cousin. The only clue she has leads her to Club Arcadia and Drayden Maslow. Jessi doesn’t believe in vampires but she is willing to broaden her horizons if it helps her in capturing the monster she is after. And the way into the clubs haven is through Drayden, a Sanguinarian Vampire who doesn’t want his kind to be discovered or for them to fall back into the ways of the past where humans were nothing more than food.

Drayden has more trouble than he thought he would. Not only is he completely and utterly attracted to Jessi, but also the monster she seeks is none other than his brother, Nolan Maslow. Nolan wants to go back to the old ways, using humans for food and sex whenever and wherever they want them. He thinks vampires should be the moving power of the world, not mortals. Drayden’s other problem is Nolan has decided that not only does he want to lead all the vampires, but he also wants Jessi.

Jessi’s world is completely turned around. Lusting after Drayden and finally believing vampires exist is nothing. Dealing with Dark Neopagan Konstantinos is another thing altogether. Not only is Konstantinos sexy as hell, but also he is driving her nuts trying to teach her how to protect herself from vampiric mental attacks. If only he could find a cure for her addiction to Drayden, everything would be right in her world, except that a psychotic vampire is after her. Can life get any better?

A good storyline and well written, Maslow’s Need introduces readers to a new vampire story with gusto. Drayden is willing to do anything he can to keep vampires from being discovered while his brother thinks vampires have every right to feed on anyone they want, anywhere they want, and to kill them if the vampire feels like it. Sexy, dominant, and powerful, Drayden is a true Alpha. Jessi is just as tough, but vulnerable as well. Losing her cousin has changed her life, and finding out that vampires are real rocks her world even more. She handles it with an aplomb that is to be commended. A definite must read for anyone that has a love for vampires.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Angel.

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