by Shannon McKenna

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0561-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Simon Riley has not been home in over fifteen years. He was accused of starting the fire, when he was only helping the horses get out. At sixteen he left the town he had known as home, leaving behind his only family, an uncle who did love him but Simon never really knew. Uncle Gus had a very bad drinking problem. His uncle saw something in Vietnam that no one accepts as true, but he has proof now. His last e-mail to Simon was telling him “I am not crazy - I have proof” and then that night he killed himself, or so it seemed.

Ellen Kent has loved Simon since she was a young kid. She was the one person in Simon’s life that believed in him, but when he left town that night a part of Ellen went with him. As time went on she learned to get past the heartache and became engaged to one of the richest families son, Brad Mitchell. Brad wanted her to make changes once they were married, to start a family and be his wife. He wanted her to let others run her bed and breakfast. Also his mother wanted to change who Ellen was. With Simon back Brad is very insecure of his relationship. After the formal wedding announcements are in the local paper Ellen tells Brad I cannot marry you, I do not love you and she calls off the wedding.

Simon and Ellen’s relationship is getting stronger but Simon does not believe in love. Ellen will have to work very hard to convince him to stay home. When things start going wrong Simon thinks it is because of him. Men are trying to hurt Ellen and Simon kicks butt and scares off the men who where hired to put the fear in the both of them. There are other things that have happened also. Another death or two and Simon is accused of being the one to have killed these two men, the same ones that attack them.

Will they learn who is behind all this pandemonium? Will Simon stay and admit his love for Ellen or run as fast as he can? Will the truth ever come out?

When reading Return To Me by Shannon McKenna I did not have to wait to read the sexual tension to be put into words. Shannon has the talent to write a great story but also an extremely sexual one. I enjoyed that Ms. McKenna let the tension build but did not hold back her writing terminology on the heartache as well as lovemaking. This book is wonderful and a moving love story that I enjoyed reading. It’s a great book that I would be happy to share and recommend it.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Theresa.

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