by Hannah Howell, Deborah Raleigh, Adrienne Basso

ISBN: 0-7582-1155-4
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Trade Paperback

This third book in Kensington's hommage to dark lovers brought to us by three phenomenally talented authors whose love for these eternal bad boys shines through.

Kiss of the Vampire by Hannah Howell

Attending court in hopes of finding out the truth about his heritage, Jankyn McNachton discovers something else entirely, an eternal love. Efrica Callan has turned many handsome lordlings who court her dowry and not her heart. When she renews her acquaintance with Jankyn she thinks she may have found what she has been searching for.

Sweet, sensual mind candy with the strong plot and characters we have come to expect from Hannah Howell.

His Eternal Bride by Adrienne Basso

Maev McClosky’s clan has banished her to a remote tower for the murder of her husband Callum. Innocent of their charges, Maev struggles to survive in her barren prison. When she begins dreaming of her lost love, Maev believes she has succumbed to madness and soon wonders if the Callum of her dreams is real. But the truth is much more surreal than she expects.

A darkly beautiful, heartfelt romance that will touch your romantic soul with its compelling story that will take you on an emotional ride you won’t soon forget.

To Tame the Beast by Deborah Raleigh

To avenge a past betrayal the Beast of MacDonnell claims the first born female of every generation born to the foster clan. Isobella’s sister is the next woman to be sacrificed to the beast. However, Isobella is intent on saving her and sets out to find and vanquish the beast. What she finds instead is a mysterious warrior with bewitching silver eyes that tempt and seduce her.

Strong characters, an original plot, and a stupendous story. Fabulous!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Cynthia.