by Jen Holling

August 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-7108-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Highlands of Scotland, 1597

After four long months of trying everything in her power as a skilled healer to help her dying father, Rose MacDonnell, the youngest of the MacDonnell witches, has decided to ask for help from the notorious Wizard of the North, reclusive William MacKay. Rose has sent several letters to Strathwick Castle, but no answer has come back. When Laird Alan MacDonnell takes a turn for the worse, Rose journeys alone to beg Lord Strathwick to help her. Upon arriving at Strathwick’s fortress in the mountains of the Highlands, Rose is denied entry and told to leave immediately. Not to be discouraged, the cunning Rose forces her way into the castle and confronts the dark and forbidding Lord William MacKay!

William MacKay, aka the Wizard of the North, lives in self-imposed exile from the rest of the world. If Will does venture out of his castle, his own villagers will most likely try lynching him because they believe he is an evil sorcerer. Born with the miraculous ability to lay hands on a person and heal them, William knows that he is seen as a witch, and in these trying times of witch-hunts, this makes him an easy target. It is the courageous beauty, Rose MacDonnell, who finally chisels at William’s heart and makes him see reason to go with her to try to save her father. However, something very evil is lurking at Rose’s home in Glen Laire, and it plots the destruction of not only the entire MacDonnell clan, but William and his clan as well! It will take the combined magic of both Rose and Will to defeat this dark power, but only at the steep cost of their newfound love.

Pure magic and enchantment is Jen Holling’s conclusion to her MacDonnell sisters’ trilogy, My Shadow Warrior! William is a marvelous hero who fights his enemies not only with his sword but also with his mystical abilities, and proves himself very worthy to win the brave Rose’s love. Rose is my personal favorite of the three sisters, and when she chooses Lord Strathwick as her mate, she is well matched. Rose is a survivor, and her compassion for the sick makes her strong enough to overcome prejudice and enables her to use her witchcraft for the betterment of others. Congratulations Jen Holling, you have another best seller on your hands!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Bonnie.

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