by Stella Cameron

May 1994
ISBN: 0-380-77286-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Angelica (Angel) Dean is a respected journalist. She is desperate to write a biography of the ruthless tycoon, Sinjun Breaker (Sin) and has been pursuing the issue for months.

Someone is trying to kill Sin. After a few incidents he moves to his remote island to get away and try to figure out who is trying to kill him, leaving his business in the capable hands of his CFO, Mary A. Barrett. Sin finally consents to have Angel write his biography due to boredom of the island. Angel is not only after Sinís biography but to expose what a destructive, unscrupulous man he really is.

Sin doubts Angelís identity and thinks she might be one of the assassins, but he is unable to find out for sure. The sudden death of his secretary makes him leave the island to attend to his secretaryís affair. He insists Angel to come with him to do his biography but actually he wants to keep an eye on her. Another accident happens one night when Sin is waiting for Angel in his office but this time, it is Angel who saves his life. Now Sin thinks Ė who is the real killer?

Breathless is another out of print of Ms Cameron that published in 1994. Like the other romantic suspense of Ms Cameron, this book is intriguing and full of suspense, mysteries and excitement. There are a lot of suspects of Sinís attempted killer but readers wonít be able to find out until the end of the book. Another fast pace page-turner of Ms Cameron that should not be missed!

Reviewed in May 2002 by Rose.

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