by Scott Carpenter

April 2005
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Jared and Tommy were sent by their queen to Earth to search for the right woman to take home to their world. Where the queen will conduct an experiment to see if her people can successfully impregnate earth women. If so, then they will bring in more women to increase their population. But Jared, a favorite of the queen, did not expect to develop feelings for the woman he brings back.

Rene has had a hard day at work. After growing tired of a co-worker taking credit for her work Rene quits and is more then ready to find someone to have a good time with. When Jared and Tommy approach her she is more than willing to follow wherever they want to take her. But the trip to Uranus and their reasons for wanting to take her are not what she expected. Now, she has to decide what it is she wants and if Jared and Tommy are in her future.

In the End was a funny story about aliens who come to Earth looking for a woman and who may have found in her more then they bargained for. Tommy is a hoot and will have readers smiling over his antics, while Jaredís struggle with his former life and his new found feelings for Rene will have readers sighing in pleasure. S. L. Carpenter has done a fantastic job in creating a story that is funny and touching at the same time.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Claudia.

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