by Gwynn Morgan

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-182-4
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Emily had a fascination with an old diary she had found while visiting her best friend in Tombstone. She is capapulted back in time to when the diary was written, to meet the author and fall for him. Zach is a man who is determined to rescue his sister from a rather nasty gambler and gunman. Emily takes to the time period like she was born to it.

Interesting story this. The time travel works very well and Emily fits into Zachís world like she was really meant to be there.

The plot is good and following the fortunes and misfortunes of Zack and Emily in his quest to free his sister, will carry the ready into the story and immerse them there.

Both the hero and heroine are good characters and though Zachís sister is a bit silly, in my opinion, I suppose she was a product of her time.

The time travel element of the story really works. I enjoy a good time travel story, but hate when the author leaves too much unexplained. Gwynn Morgan doesnít do that she makes the whole thing believable and adds a good story as well.

The characters are solid and interesting and the plot is very tense at times.

The romance is very good and Zach is determined that Emily will be his and that the time element canít keep them apart. It made him a very loveable hero and Emily is so much the right woman for him.

A very good read. Gwynn Morgan is an author to watch out for as she writes a good story.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Mary.

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