by Julie Kenner

September 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21629-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Youíve met the older sister, the future sister-in-law, and the best friend in the first three books of The Bridesmaid Chronicles, now itís time to meet the bride.

Julia Spinelli is madly in love with her groom, Roman Sonntag. Though it seems everyone else they know was against their marriage, Julia and Roman donít care. From the moment they first clapped eyes on each other, their souls seemed to click, and from there, well it was only one Texas two step to the altar.

However, things arenít looking good for their wedding. Juliaís dress has landed in bankruptcy court, she doesnít have any flowers, and thatís not to mention the fact that there seems to be several small details left to do that her now fired wedding planner failed to mention. Then, Juliaís parents show up. Marv Spinelli is Jersey guy all the way, quite different from the sophisticated and urbane Roman Sonntag, who just happens to be the son of the man Marv has had a grudge against for ten years. Family relations are soon the least of Juliaís problems.

As the week to her wedding day flies by, Julia begins to question just how well she knows Roman. Perhaps everyone was rightÖperhaps they do need some more time getting to know each other. Julia wants to be Romanís partner in everything: marriage, love, life and business. She doesnít understand why he wonít lean on her more about his winery problems. Now itís up to Roman to prove to Julia that their marriage is going to be a joint venture between equals, else he fears he may just lose the best person to ever come into his life.

First Love is the conclusion to The Bridesmaid Chronicles. Julie Kenner puts her own spin on love and marriage in this engaging tale. Readers have come to know Julia and Roman a bit through the previous stories, but in First Love, the bride and groom get their turn to shine. Ms. Kenner wonderfully captures all the pressures, stress, and fun that come with planning a major wedding. Every wife will be able to relate easily to Juliaís woes. At the same time that the wedding hijinks will have you groaning and giggling, you will also be equally fascinated by the emerging relationship between Roman and Julia. Ms. Kenner does a phenomenal job of showing the love that exists between these two, but she does an even better job of showcasing the character growth in their relationship as they come to understand that there is more work to a marriage than just being in love.

Readers, donít worry if you havenít read the first three tales in this series, you will still easily be able to follow its conclusion, and will most definitely enjoy spending time with Roman and Julia. Ms. Kenner keeps the laughs rolling, the romance sizzling, and the story moving along at a good pace, all of which ensures readers are in for a treat when they pick up First Love.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sarah.

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