by Melanie Murray

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89527-5
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Trade Paperback

Momentarily sidetracked by her married ex-boyfriend, Stella Monroe is now once again focused on her career. Sure she’s the ripe old age of twenty-five and has been pursuing her acting career in New York for seven years without success, but any day, she expects to wake up and have her big break. If that doesn’t happen first, she would be just as happy to meet her “Mr. Right”, and she would have no complaints whatsoever if he just happened to be deliriously handsome and fantastically wealthy.

As Stella stumbles through one bad audition after another, she starts to get frustrated. Everything seems to be going well for everyone except her. Her roommate Steve has gotten a role on a top daytime soap opera, and to beat all things, her cat, Ms. Bubbles, has scored a paying acting gig. All Stella can seem to attract is the unwanted attentions of her sarcastic upstairs neighbor, Christian Porter. Her life starts to look better when she catches the eye of celebrity heartthrob Jasper Hodge. Now, all Stella needs is that one break-in role, and she’s sure she will be on her way to the exciting life of her dreams.

What she gets is the knowledge that a dream is sometimes only worthwhile if it is a dream you have yourself.

With hilarious dialogue and a clever story line, Melanie Murray’s Miss Bubbles Steals the Show is a fun read. The novel has most of the essential elements of an exciting chick-lit story: the glamour and name dropping of high society, ten minute what was your name again relationships, steadfast friends, and laugh-out loud humor. Unfortunately what Miss Bubbles Steals the Show seems to be missing is the presence of a strong leading character.

Although Stella can be nice at times, she can be a selfish, hostile shrew at other moments. She is also not the smartest heroine to ever hit the chick-lit scene. Her quickness to get into bed with new friends is something many readers will find unappealing, and her perspective on life and people she encounters is sometimes just downright weird.

The concept behind Miss Bubbles Steals the Show is a brilliant, unique idea, and Murray writes in such an engaging manner that readers will continue to read with pleasure even with Stella getting on their nerves. But in the end, it will be the delightful Miss Bubbles who does indeed steal the show, or in this case - the story, with her adorably outrageous behavior.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Natasha.

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