by Kathy Love

September 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-1131-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Jane Harrison has just arrived in New York City only to lose her job and thus, the down payment on an apartment. She’s lost, lonely, scared, and on Christmas Eve, she’s looking for a little pick me up. When the charming stranger in the bar buys her a drink, she never expects that he is looking for a little female companionship. But when he attacks her outside the bar, Jane is rescued by another man. He’s a bit surly, a bit moody, all too handsome, but he holds an appeal for her that she can’t explain.

Rhys Young didn’t set out to rescue the diminutive woman he noticed in the bar, but heck, he couldn’t just let her be attacked. Jane Harrison is the first woman in a long time…a very long time, to hold any attraction for him, but of course, he can’t do anything about it. Rhys is a vampire. Jane is a mortal. Nothing can come of their attraction. Despite the fact that Rhys drops Jane off safely at her hotel, she manages to find her way back to the bar on a personal mission, only to witness Rhys being attacked. This has definitely not been Jane’s night. When a memory hex knocks Jane out, she wakes up in the same bed as Rhys! Only, this is not the Rhys of the night before.

Rhys doesn’t recall being attacked, he doesn’t recall meeting Jane, and he definitely doesn’t remember that he’s a vampire! In fact, the only thing he knows is that he’s a Viscount in England and that Jane is his intended. The attraction that had grown so quickly between Jane and Rhys when they first met is still there, and with Rhys’ memory gone, with a meddling younger brother playing matchmaker, and with Jane’s vow to help Rhys any way she can, Fangs for the Memories shapes up to be a slightly comedic and slightly dark tale of love gone astray. Can these two mixed up souls find love when it seems that fate is not in their favor? Will Rhys’ attacker be brought to justice?

Fangs for the Memories is Kathy Love’s first venture into the paranormal realm, and it proves to be a fun and romantic adventure. With its outrageous plot and strong and delightful protagonists, this story is definitely an adventurous romp through vampirism. The concept of a vampire not knowing he is a vampire is too hilarious to pass up, and Ms. Love pens many funny scenarios involving Rhys’ lack of memory. While she doesn’t veer too far off the comedic path, she still creates a plot that has its serious and tender moments. Rhys and Jane are both lonely souls and when they meet, it’s as if they just click. The reader can feel that connection from the very beginning, ensuring that one will stay along for the rest of the ride as Rhys must face up to his past and Jane must grow stronger in the face of an unknown future.

The addition of Rhys’ younger brothers, the devilish Sebastian and the cruel Christian prove to be perfect counterparts to Rhys’ broody personality. Jane shines as a character that truly experiences life for the first time in Rhys’ arms, but yet, she knows she has to find her own two feet.

All in all, Fangs for the Memories is an enjoyable vampire tale with a strong edge of humor that is not often found in the paranormal genre. Ms. Love continues to pen intriguing stories for the imagination.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sarah.

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