by Tielle St. Clare, Madison Hayes, Mlyn Hurn

April 2005
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By Daylight Come - Tielle St. Claire

Tina has given up on finding Mr. Right, although she wouldn't turn away Mr. Good-In-Bed. Right now she is content in her isolated home, and her satisfying teaching job. At the urging of her idealistic young nieces she intones a spell to bring her true love, a dragon no less. Fortunately, Tina is way past the age of believing in dragons, knights and love everlasting...or so she thinks.

It's no wonder she can't believe her eyes when she sees a larger than life dragon soaring through the sky, headed straight for her home. She is able to track large amounts of purple; well she's sure it's blood, to an injured dragon whom transforms into an eye-catching man before her eyes. She has not quite met her quota of unbelievable things, Raython tells her of the Hunters who will track him to her and kill them. He also tells that without their Warrior they are not complete and as such are vulnerable. It seems that ultra sexy Sheriff Dane is her Warrior. As a triangle is more stable than a straight line, so does true love only exist through three parties, the Maiden, the Protector and the Warrior.

Hyde! - Madison Hayes

Baron Jay Kel has a nasty little secret. A secret he wishes to keep from his battered, and unexpected and mostly unwanted guest. Teller awakes in the lap of luxury, her boyish body naked, bruised and under satin sheets. She finds herself at the mercy of the Baron, and his high-tech computer C, as well as his personal clone manservant. He tells her of her injuries and warns her about his crazy brother Hyde. A dangerous game plays out between the Baron and Hyde. A game involving Teller, where the stakes are more than she can pay if she chooses wrong.

Tale of the Dragon - Mlyn Hurn

Princess Lyra has kept the secret of the dragon living near her fathers Kingdom. It really wouldn't be sporting to tell, since she's the one who blackmailed intelligent and much maligned (in his opinion) Maldovaar into living near her home.. As dragons are pretty rare she had little hope in finding a female to hatch the egg she discovered. Mal does the job quite nicely, in his boisterous and vocal way.

Her father has plans to marry her off to secure the peace of the kingdom. His groom of choice, fierce warrior Krytan is not unknown to her. In fact she knows him intimately when he mistakes her for a gift left in his bed by the king. Can she convince Krytan to stay with her in the valley until the baby dragonlet is old enough to go to a colony of her own kind?

This trio of dragon based stories are very different. From the contemporary By Daylight Come which features extreme sex and strong love. Hyde, loosely based on a popular classic that tells the tale of dual personalities. Of course, Ms. Hayes has given her story a unique twist that will surprise you. I have to say that the historical fantasy Tale of the Dragon is my favorite. Derek, the little rascal wormed his way into my heart. Maldovaar the cantankerous dragon was hilarious. All three of these ladies have turned up the heat and these stories are a guaranteed wild ride.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Jodi.