by Jaci Burton

April 2005
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Moonlight Madison knows what she wants and will do whatever she needs to get it. While she loved her parents and their carefree life, she wants structure and security in her own life. Working at a vet clinic and attending classes by day doesnít leave her time for much of anything, and her night job as a dominatrix is starting to leave her jaded in her thoughts of men. Just once she wants to meet an Alpha who will tie her up instead of a beta who wants her to spank him like the little bad boy that he has been.

Blake Hunter has waited long enough. As a werewolf in his prime, he has fought his instincts when it comes to claiming Moonlight. No more. Now he will show Moonlight exactly what she needs in a male, a dominant man who will take her to a realm of eroticism that she has always dreamed of, but never found. He will introduce her to the beast that resides just underneath her skin, and then he will claim her for all time as his mate.

Making Moonlight shudder with the wonder of submission makes Blake feel like he owns the world. Slowly introducing her to the wonders of her new self reminds Blake of what it means to be a werewolf. Her wonder at new things make his heart light, but the trouble is just starting. Blake doesnít know what to do when Moonlight declines his offer of mating. So instead of trying to get around her issues, he orders her. This is not the best thing to do with such an independent woman. Not only does Moonlight not want someone telling her what to do, but Blake doesnít fit into the normal life that she has always wanted.

If you love werewolf stories then Animal Instincts is the story for you. It involves a hot-blooded alpha with a wicked streak and a take charge heroine who longs to give up control but canít find the right man to fit the bill. Moonlight is not a female who will let someone into her life and change what she wants to happen, so she struggles mightily with herself and her feelings when Blake makes his wants known. And you have to love Blake. He is the epitome of everything that an Alpha male should be: dominant, sexual, yet tender and loving. Jaci Burton is a wonder when it comes to the written word, and Animal Instincts will keep you salivating until the very end with the super charged sex scenes while the emotional entanglements of the story will leave you crying and cheering. Definitely a book to add to your list of must reads.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Angel.

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