by Treva Harte

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-107-5
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Imagine waking one morning with the ability to hear someone elseís thoughts. Cassie Majors didnít have to imagine this phenomenon turned reality. She heard distress messages in her mind, and she didnít know what to do about it. The cleaning service she owned and ran kept her busy, but working provided little in the way of a diversion. Nothing blocked the voice. Perhaps a visit to a shrink can enlighten Cassie if nothing else.

W. Harmon doesnít have the privilege of picking and choosing the minds most receptive to his gift. This time the lucky person is none other than his cleaning lady, Cassie Majors. Wynn considers her a bit flaky and doubts her ability to assist him. Time is of the essence. No choice except to take what he can get. As soon as Cassie stops trying to exorcise his voice from her mind, his plan can continue to the next stage.

First Wynn invades her mind; then he invades her home. Cassie returns home one day to find Wynn at her kitchen table. Someone wants Wynn dead before he can deliver a message. He canít go home so he decides to hide out in Cassieís house. To her horror, Cassie finds the more time she spends with Wynn, the more she is drawn to him. Added to her desire is the fact that she now shares his gift of telepathy.

Politics is a dangerous game. When he was hired on to help a presidential candidate Wynn didnít know what he was getting himself into. Now he needs Cassieís help to extricate himself and his employer from the clutches of an evil that wants them both dead. This means keeping Cassie very close, and it is a task Wynn finds himself more than ready to carry out.

Why Me? by Treva Harte is a kaleidoscope of sensual indulgence, romance, suspense and wit. The heroine is courageous in an imperfect sort of way that makes her all too easy to relate to. Wynn, while the requisite romance novel hero, is also written with a vulnerability that is endearing as well as complementary. To this reviewer it is the hero and heroine who make this story. The plot possesses a few holes; however the writing pulls through leaving the reader with an enjoyable adventure.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Rho.

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