by Sue Charnley

October 2001
ISBN: 0 7599 0398 0
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Adam accepts a dare from his business partner, Jack. He agrees to live without all the trappings of his wealth for six weeks.

He finds himself rescuing a blue point cat that appears to have been abandoned by his owner. He takes it to an isolated farm owned by Shea, a middle-aged lady who runs an animal rescue on a shoestring. Her niece, Rue decides to come for a long visit. This situation seems like the perfect setting for a romance.

This story is a light-hearted romantic comedy with lots of twists in the plot line. Rue had one bad experience with a man and decides she will never again risk her heart. Adam can’t tell her who he really is but, to make the bet more interesting, Jack tells Shea that Adam is a reformed embezzler.

Adam finds himself helping Shea and Rue on the farm which created some really funny moments in this story. Adam shows how much of a city boy he is when he feeds Riddler, the horse, a dozen green apples - the ensuing results make for good reading! Specifically, chapter five is a laugh out loud chapter - but be warned don’t read it on a full stomach!

The characters are delightful – and some of the animals are stars in their own right! Brutus the cat is a perfect example as well as Rosie the bull! You have to read the book to learn why the bull is named Rosie…. (g)

The attraction between Adam and Rue grows with each chapter and there is some heavy passion involved so the romance is not at all forgotten amongst the farm animals!

Adam proves to be a worthy hero. He really tackles every job Shea and Rue gives him. None of them are easy! Shea is wonderfully eccentric and trusting - she even asks Adam to invest her little nest egg for her, even though she thinks he is a convicted embezzler!

Rue tries to be the sensible one, though not easy with a hunk like Adam around. Especially as she seems to end up rescuing him from the situations he lands in.

With lots of side-splitting moments, The Catnapped Lover is a quick, fun read.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Mary.

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