by Claire Delacroix

June 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61442-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, August 1421

Alexander Lammergeier, Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters each a gem in her own right, but in need of husbands. After successfully marrying off his oldest sister, Madeline, Alexander has decided it is Vivienne’s turn. Knowing Vivienne’s stubborn nature, but love of a good romantic tale, Alexander sets in motion a deceitful trick on unsuspecting Lady Vivienne. When Vivienne’s former suitor, Nicholas Sinclair of Blacklieth arrives with a huge bag of coin and a request for Vivienne’s hand in marriage, Alexander knows his sister will balk, as she has made it very clear she detests Nicholas. Alexander spins a tale about a fairy lover who comes from the fairy realm through a portal located in Kinfairlie’s highest tower to claim his love with an enchanted rose. Vivienne cannot resist the tale and sets out to spend the night in the tower to await her fairy prince!

Erik Sinclair is no fairy prince! Duping Laird Alexander into believing he is his younger brother, Nicholas, is just one of many lies Erik tells in his mission to regain control of his keep, Blacklieth. After a fierce battle with his traitorous brother who left him for dead, the Earl of Sutherland had found a severly wounded Erik and made him this promise. The Earl will back the now horribly scarred Erik in his fight for Blacklieth if he returns with an untried maiden and gets a son off her as his heir. Following Alexander’s directions, Erik scales the tower wall of Kinfairlie to reach Vivienne, and a night of passion ensues for both. In the light of day comes the full truth of Erik’s deception to Vivienne and her brother. For Erik is not Nicholas, and has no intention on making Vivienne his wife in legality, not until she begets the heir he needs. Vivienne decides that Erik’s awakening of passion in her is worth the risks she will take in fleeing with him to help him reclaim his birthright. Never mind that Vivienne’s outraged brother and half his army are in hot pursuit. Vivienne is determined to help Erik in his quest, and maybe along the way she can make this stubborn man see the gem of a woman Vivienne really is!

The Rose Red Bride is a splendid follow up to Claire Delacroix’s previous novel in the Kinfairlie series, The Beauty Bride. Enormous sparks fly between two lovers thrown together by unusual circumstances and makes a diverse type of love story to be found in this fairy tale escapade come to life! Erik can be stubborn and set in his way in order to bring about his goal of retrieving that, which was stolen, from him. The reader, although may not agree with Erik's methods,is made to understand the whys and hows of what he needs to accomplish them. You will laugh aloud and cry along with these two as they pursue their destiny in finding their own happy conclusion!

Reviewed in June 2005 by Bonnie.

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