by Winnie Griggs

April 2005
ISBN: 0-8439-5521-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Turnabout, Texas, 1894

This had to be some sort of practical joke! Noted photographer Miss Regina Nash stared at the four men from Philadelphia. Her step-grandfather had sent the bachelors to her. Her task was to choose one as a husband! Reggie had two weeks to select one of three of the men or she would lose custody of her orphaned step-nephew, six- year old Jack. The fourth man, ex-lawyer, ex-con, devilishly handsome Adam Barr was their escort, and the one overseeing that this ridiculous contract drawn up by the judge be carried out. Reggie’s quick- witted mind processed all of this and came up with the only solution that would outsmart her grandfather, this reluctant trio of prospective grooms, and Adam. There was no way Regina would give up Jack, or her freedom! Reggie would make herself into the most undesirable bride-to-be these poor men had ever encountered! They would all go running back to Philadelphia in no time. The problem didn’t lie with the grooms though; it was with the cunning Adam Barr who could see right through Reggie’s schemes, or could he?

Adam Barr owed a lot to Judge Madison, the one person who had stood by him when he was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Payback was high, and before Adam could avenge himself and clear his name, he had promised the judge he would oversee the husband lottery the Judge had plotted for his wayward granddaughter. The problem with this was Adam needed to show the other men that Regina was only acting, that she truly was a beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated woman, not some country bumpkin as she was making herself out to be. In the process Adam himself begins to fall hard for Reggie, and then when a loophole in the supposedly airtight contract is discovered by Regina, Adam has no recourse but to become the Lady’s Choice!

Known for her endearingly warm and sweet stories, Winnie Griggs’ Lady’s Choice continues in that venue. However, some of the characters do become a bit clichéd. Regina’s desire to remain independent in her own life is an honest and commendable trait, but then she carries it way over board. Reggie risks losing things she wants most from the husband lottery, her nephew, and Adam. Adam’s own insecurities from his past are explained with much detail, repeatedly, to the point where the reader begins to know what will happen in every circumstance of conflict between Adam and Regina. My overall take on Lady’s Choice is the story, although a cute idea with likeable secondary characters who add much needed humor and warmth, does tend to become tedious at points, and confusing if the reader doesn't follow carefully.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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