by Kate Angell

April 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52616-6
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Mass Market Paperback

The murder of Randolph St. Croix in 1925 was an open and shut case according to Scotland Yard. The murderess was Daisy Alton, a feisty flapper who supposedly killed Randolph when he broke off their relationship in favor of his fiancée Eloise Hogue. But if the case was really closed, why was Daisy haunting the SS Majestic, the ship where the murder took place?

Clairsentient Bree Emery was called in by Sexton St. Croix, to solve the murder of his great-great Uncle Randolph and to rid the ship of Daisy’s ghost. Her powers are strong and when she touches Sex, she goes off like a rocket. The passion and sensuality that radiates from his body is incredible. It’s no wonder why he was nicknamed “Sex” at age sixteen.

So begins Bree’s adventure aboard the Majestic. Before she knows it, she is thick-as-thieves with Daisy, forming a friendly bond with the dead flapper. Daisy wants her murder solved and she knows that Bree is just the woman to do it. Sex also knows that Bree is the woman to do it…with him. His attraction to her is astounding, considering he’s been surrounded by stunning women all his life. As an incredibly wealthy man, his playboy lifestyle is well known and Bree doesn’t want to involve herself with him. She’s had enough of “bad boys” in her life starting with her ex, Max.

Though they are attracted to each other, Bree knows she only has a few days to solve the murder and put Daisy’s ghost to rest else Sex will be forced to sell the ship. Can Bree’s powers help her figure out what really happened in 1925 or will Daisy forever be labeled a murderess in the eyes of the St. Croix family?

Crazy for You is the first Kate Angell book I’ve read, but if it is anything to go by, it surely won’t be my last. Humorous, romantic, and just lots of fun to read, Crazy for You features a stellar cast, an intriguing plot that flashes back and fourth between past and present (without losing the reader, which is always important), and lots of romance, not only between Bree and Sex, but between Sex’s sister Cecilia and Sex’s right-hand man Jax.

Crazy for You has an old-fashioned jazz age feel to it that really shines through the pages. From the moment you pick it up you will be crazy for Bree and Sex’s story. Don’t let this story pass you by.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Sarah.

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