by Leslie Kelly

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77031-6
Reviewer Graphic Button HQN
Mass Market Paperback

After her life savings is stolen and she loses her job, Emma Jean Frasier finds herself headed back to Joyful, GA to live in the house she has recently inherited from her grandmother. Now Joyful, GA is the last place Emma Jean wants to be, but since she has no other options and she owns the house free and clear, she figures she can get a job and save up a bit of money until she can come up with a plan for her life.

Things never go quite as planned for Emma Jean Frasier. A trip to the local market soon finds Emma Jean spraining her ankle and in need of help, when who should arrive on the scene to save the day but local bad-boy-turned-DA, Johnny Walker. Now Johnny and Emma have a past history; on prom night they were caught buck-naked in the local gazebo doing...well you get the picture. Johnny is the last person Emma wants to see upon her return to town.

As I said earlier, things never go as planned for Emma Jean. Her encounter with Johnny soon has the local gossips imaginations running wild, not to mention the fact that someone is building a strip club on the edge of town on property once owned by her family. Emma is soon linked to this as well, and thatís only the tip of the iceberg as far as the rumors go.

The talented Leslie Kelly has created a page turning laugh-out-loud fun tale with She Drives Me Crazy. Emma will win your heart and who could resist a bad boy named Johnny Walker. Throw in a town of loony and loveable secondary characters and you have the makings of a not to be missed loveable story. Ms Kelly has written a winner and will have readers anxious to return to Joyful, GA for another round of fun. The yummy Johnny Walker has a brother Nick and I think he may get his own story come September. Mark your calendars now for another wacky southern tale from Ms Kelly.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Barbara.

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