by Loreth Anne White

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27438-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Loreth Anne White has written a tender love story with The Sheik Who Loved Me . It is a story that includes a child who has seen a catastrophic misfortune at a very young age and the two people who feel such a strong love for her.

Her Father, Sheik David Rashid, loves his daughter and she has not spoken a word to him in two years. David is a strong individual whom will not tolerate being misled in any way. He is a great business man but he has enemies in his country and in his family.

The "mermaid" that David's daughter, Kamilah, thinks she has found on the beach has no idea who she is or how she washed up where she did. Kamilah feels she is a gift from the sea and has traded her tail for legs. Two years ago Kamilah lost her mother to this same sea. The young woman feels a connection to this child but does not know why.

Who is this woman? No one seems to know! David does not believe she has amnesia and yet the Doctor says it is possible. But until things are figured out he has named her Sahar, which means awakening dawn. Sahar knows what it means but she has no idea how or where she learned the language. So until her memory returns she will stay on Davidís private Red Sea Island.

Sahar is very attracted to David but he wonders if she is married. Sahar says she does not feel married so the sexual attraction that has been building explodes into a night of passionate lovemaking after which Sahar realizes who she is but she knows she cannot tell David.

There is one big problem though, a secret that Davidís brother, Tariq, is hiding could hurt David as well as his daughter. Also Tariq is doing everything he can to stop the relationship between Sahar and David. What will Tariq find out and will it affect the feelings of David and Sahar?

In the meantime Sahar and David must work together. Sahar is no longer someone who has no memory. Her name is Jayde and she works for the government called M-16. Now that she knows who she is and why she is on Davidís island, she will have to tell him everything she knows for his daughter's life is in jeopardy.

Will David and Jayde be able to save Kamilah? What about their love, will it also survive the one thing David dislikes, lies and deception? I was not able to put this book aside until I found out these answers plus a few more. The Sheik Who Loved Me is a keeper on my shelf.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Theresa.

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