by Victoria Barrett, Elizabeth Bevarly, Margaret Browning, Emily Carmichael

February 1998
ISBN: 0-96483-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Itís been this readerís experience that anthologies are a risky reading venture. Sure, the odds are favorable that if you pick one up youíll find something in there that you enjoy, but what are the chances that youíll find pleasure in all of the stories? For this reason I pretty much stay away from anthologies. However, A Message From Cupid turned out to be a good gamble. All four novellas were worth the time I spent reading them and I closed the book actually looking forward to reading more of these authors works.

Eizabeth Bevarly, whose work Iíve been interested in for some time, lends her trademark wit to this collection of stories in Top Cat and Tales. This is Eros like youíve never seen him before, as he unites two people who were made for each other. They just didnít know it until he stepped in.

Cupidís Arrow and Wheels Of Love by Victoria Barrett and Emily Carmichael, respectively, are also tributes to matchmaking. And in these two tales cupidís arrow is right on point as the wheels of love turn three couples on to the joys of finding that special someone.

Last but certainly not least, Winning Ticket by Margaret Brownley is a bit different from the other stories in this anthology. Itís less about matchmaking and Cupid and more about a couple realizing that where they really want to be is with each other.

All of these stories were great reads. The heroes and heroines were a perfect complement to each other. All were interesting characters you actually wanted to find happiness. However, as with many good novellas I was left wondering what these stories would have been like had they been released as single titles or category books. So much was skimmed over or not given as much attention as I felt was deserved. There were a number of loose ends left or plotlines that ended before their time. But, that is to be expected when reading an anthology.

I definitely recommend A Message From Cupid to romance readers, and fully intend to pick up some of the more recent works of these authors.

Reviewed in May 2002 by JaToya.