by MaryJanice Davidson, Melissa Schroeder, Camille Anthony

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-049-4
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Charming the Snake anthology begins with MaryJanice Davidson’s Savage Scavenge. Dr. Gladys Loder was still recovering from a stranger literally bursting through her door when she noticed that the intruder was a very handsome man.

Jasper Savage had come to recruit the help of the Angel of C-Block. There was no way he could return without the good doctor. He thought that if his entrance was dramatic enough then the lovely doctor would be too surprised to argue or at least keep her from asking too many questions. It worked until they arrived at his apartment. Then Gladys found out she was the last item on a checklist of things for a scavenger hunt. That Jasper's group won meant little to her. He owed her big time, and she was going to collect.

Jaz was shocked when Gladys got naked. She wanted to have sex with him, a mute, and she was so business-like about it. He wasn’t quite sure how to react. But then, that was nothing compared to what she revealed to him as he was driving her home. She wanted a baby, and she’d chosen him to be the father. Jaz was furious. He didn’t want to have a baby with a norm from the B-Block! It might turn out like her. The woman had completely ruined scavenger hunts for him. He hated her. So, why did the thought of her with another man bother him so much?

In Melissa Schroeder’s Seducing the Saint Liberty Wainwright was looking for Brady St. James. She found him among the worst scum of the universe. She wasn’t surprised. He was a mercenary after all. Libby knew him by their mutual passion for outerterrestrial archeology. It had been six years since they’d seen one another. It would have been longer had she not needed his help to find her missing father. Brady believed her father had gone looking for the Legend of the Snake King. Being with Brady was bad for Liberty’s structured way of life; however, her father’s life might very well depend on their ability to work together.

Camille Anthony’s Carte Blanche brings us the tale of Chastity. She is barely eighteen, and the fate of New India rests on her shoulders. After an attempt on her father’s life Chastity Tilson must venture out to find the culprit and save the New Earth from possible annihilation – again. She pretends the attempt was successful and that her father was dead. In order to gain money and power, her uncle makes a betrothal arrangement. Now that she’d reached legal age, Chastity’s uncle would be seeing a side of his niece formerly hidden from view, the female independence that burned in her soul.

On the night her betrothal was to be announced, Chastity had plans to claim her independence once again and break the engagement. Then something happened to knock her plans askew. He walked into the room. The man she’d seen in her visions since she was a child. All thoughts slid away as she viewed the superb male specimen. She’d never spoken to him and yet, she knew him well.

Darian Acer, also known as Dare, had been disinherited by his father. He has his own agenda at the social event that evening, but once he sees Chastity, he scarcely can think of anything except her. In fact, Dare is so taken with her that he intends to propose marriage and would have if Chastity's own proposition had not knocked him for a loop. The woman wanted a liaison! Chastity offered him carte blanche.

Charming the Snake is an erotic anthology of futuristic romance. Each story sizzles with hot heroes and even hotter sex. MaryJanice Davidson delivers a humorous tale of a woman wanting the forbidden. The story begins three months after Beggarman, Thief. I have not read the aforementioned so I felt a bit lost. I’m sure had I read it then my enjoyment of Savage Scavenge would have been greater. In Melissa Schroeder’s installment, we are given a delightful tale of adventure and romance. Seducing the Saint is complete with a spunky heroine, a hunk for a hero, and a plot that is both well-defined and full-bodied for an anthology. Camille Anthony offers an interesting combination of the Victorian and the futuristic in Carte Blanche. She gives us entertaining characters with a fresh spin that will have the reader looking for more from Ms. Anthony.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Rho.