by Nina Bruhns

May 2001
ISBN: 0-373-27150-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1080
Mass Market Paperback

He is six-foot-plus of muscles and masculinity. He’s wearing warpaint, feathers, a quill chest piece, a leather loincloth and not much else. He dances his way through the ceremonies of his tribe at the Cardinal Ranch Powwow, unaware that fate, in the form of one Rini Herelius, is watching him, entranced, from the sidelines.

Rini has made the momentous decision to change her life and has come to the Powwow to explore her first taste of freedom after a bad relationship. What she never expected was to meet and fall seriously in lust with Cole Lonetree, a warrior who takes her to the depths of his teepee and the heights of her passion within hours of their first meeting.

This is a “romance interruptus”, if you will, a tale of passion put aside by misunderstandings, mistakes, and plain old fear. The consequences of Rini and Cole Lonetree’s sensual interlude make themselves known and as soon as Cole (back in his real-life lawyer duds) discovers the truth, the hunt is on. Both Cole and Rini are moving through life bogged down with “baggage”. (In fact, they could probably each have used a porter to carry some of it for them!!) They struggle to come to terms with what was, what is, and what could be, all the time denying that it’s their fault that things aren’t working – it must be the other one!!!

This sounds a bit depressing, but it’s not, largely because of the talented writing of Ms. Bruhns. She takes a wounded warrior and makes us understand his scars; she gives us a heroine who has no reason to trust anyone and makes us want to take her in our arms and give her a hug. She puts them into a situation that brings out the best in both of them, and takes us into their hearts and minds as they sort out the mess that life has dealt them. This is a great example of why we read romances; no matter how complex the situation between the hero and heroine, we are secure in the knowledge that love will eventually find a way!!!

I note that Ms. Bruhns also writes erotic romance under the name of Nikita Black, and a little of her sexy style slips into this book – Cole and Rini are very sensual together whether loving, touching, or just sharing a moment. The heat is unquestionably present!!! Whew. A fun read; may I suggest following it with a Nikita Black erotic romance to round out your exposure to this fine writer?

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.

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