by Karen Harper

June 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2179-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Those readers waiting anxiously for Harper to take you on another trip to visit the Amish, the time is here! This third book in the series once again takes place in Maplecreek, Ohio, the same setting for Dark Harvest and Dark Road Home. Youíll get a chance to see many characters youíre likely to remember.

Leah Kurt recently lost her best friend Barb. However, on the day Barb died she also became a new mother as Barb gave her custody of her tiny daughter whose father, Sam, would be unable to raise alone. Leah immediately moves into Barbís home and becomes a mother to baby Becca.

Dr. Mark Morrelli has recently moved into the Amish community in order to further his studies on genetic disorders that mainly plague the Amish. At least three families in Maple Creek have children affected and Mark is hoping for the chance to examine the children in order to help his research. However, something the other residents donít know is that Mark is here for one more reason as well.

Leah has great interest in helping out the families in her area find help for their childrenís progressive aging disease. She also has a need to earn some money to support her new daughter since she has given up her job of teaching school to the Amish children. This gives her good reasons to become acquainted with Mark.

When Leah goes to awaken Becca from a nap and realizes that her baby has been switched with another, she immediately runs to Mark for help even though itís the Amish way to go to their own kind for help. Soon Mark and Leah realize whomever has taken the baby is also involved with some other strange happenings in the area. As danger quickly escalates, so do Mark and Leahís feelings for each other. If they can escape the dangerous situation around them, will Leah be willing to be shunned in order to make a new life for herself?

Having read all of Harperís previous books, I found this one to be the weakest of the lot. For those of you who love reading about the Amish lifestyle and being taken back to a simpler time, this book might not be for you. This book heavily talks about genetics and has a great deal of suspense and intrigue, which will certainly appeal to a great number of other readers.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Shelby.

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