by Catherine Mulvany

September 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-9384-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Caitlin O’Shaughnessy thought the discovery that her lover was married was the worst thing that could happen this weekend. Leaving the deceitful cad a bit “tied up” is a mental image that sustains her all the way home from Vegas. She should have gone with her stepfather on his conference trip to Scotland.

Events are stirring in that ancient land as well, Dominic Fortune has the Calixian consulate under surveillance, and something is going on. It appears that the ambassador’s routine is being used for covert communication, and Janus, the head of Calixian security is not going to be happy. Dominic just wishes that his job was more like James Bond than a local Peeping Tom. Hours of surveillance broken up with a few minutes of action isn’t enough to keep him satisfied. Be careful what you wish for - it may come true.

When Caitlyn’s stepfather disappears from his conference, fate throws her into Dominic’s world. Danger lurks around every corner as they search for clues about his whereabouts. When another conference attendee turns up dead, the stakes are raised. Not only are they looking for the missing professor, but a legendary manuscript with an unbelievable history. It seems someone else is eager to lay their hands on it, and decides that Caitlyn may know where it is.

Catherine Mulvany’s latest book has something for everyone: A confident, decisive heroine who knows who she is and what she is capable of, an enigmatic hero who is much more than he appears to be, and a plot that is big enough to contain elements of romance, suspense, myth and magic. There is a bit of time-jumping as events from the past mold the current plot, so pay close attention to the sub-titles. A reader caught unaware could be hopelessly confused.

Shadows All Around Her is the perfect book for a weekend retreat. Spend the time curled up on the couch and let Ms. Mulvany’s twisted, suspenseful plot take you on a journey filled with intrigue and passion.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Paula.

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