by Lena Austin

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-114-3
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Lizard is a Berdache, pronounced “bear-da-shay”. In Native American tribes, this means he has 2 souls, one each of female and male. This allows him to see both sides of a dispute or argument. Lizard has been in love with his best friend Red Wolf for years but Red Wolf is a warrior and married, totally unaware of Lizard’s feelings! However, things are about to change!

Red Wolf has worked for years to be the perfect warrior, husband and father. Apparently he’s failed as husband as his wife has taken a new man into her lodge. This is the opportunity Lizard has been dreaming of as he invites his friend to share his lodge. However Red Wolf feels the need to “prove his manhood” so he takes a captive slave, Born In Moonlight, “Moon” for short. She is the one that alerts him to the possibility of his desire for men, not women! She startles him with her insight and gets him thinking of the possibility. Lizard also gives Red Wolf something to think about with his talk of Red Wolf being a Berdeche. It’s not until Red Wolf has a “spirit journey” that he realizes the possibilities! Thus the journey of Lizard, Red Wolf and Moon begins!

Lena Austin’s latest book is a fantastic look into Native American shamanism and all it entails! I was riveted from the moment I started the book. Being part Native American myself and not really knowing much of my heritage, the book truly helped me to try and understand some of the mysticism. The writing was crisp and Lizard, Red Wolf and Moon were fascinating characters that I’d love to visit with again and again!! Please be aware that this book comes with a warning: This work is not only Native American shamanism; it is also extreme m/m and ménage. It also comes highly recommended!!!

Reviewed in March 2005 by PamL.

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