by Dee Davis

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77048-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

When a bomb goes off at an abandon hotel killing three prominent senators who were apparently meeting about some secret agenda that no one seems to be aware of the elite Last Chance crime team is called in to investigate. Since an explosive is involved the team needs an explosive expert and there are few better in the country than Samantha Waters. Despite her petite appearance Sam knows her stuff and isnít about to let anyone on the team push her around.

The first person Sam meets at the site is Peyton Reynolds and to say they get off on the wrong foot is a big understatement. By appearances Peyton underestimates Samís ability and sees her as someone else he will have to protect but as the situation builds and the cases mount he soon gives Sam the respect she deserves. As each new clue is uncovered it becomes clear that perhaps the bombings arenít random happenings after all.

I loved the first book in the Last Chance trilogy, Endgame and had my doubts that Ms. Davis could top it but I was wrong she has done that in spades. Enigma hooked me from the very first page and kept me riveted to my seat and tuning pages late into the night.

I found Sam Walters and Peyton Reynolds to be charismatic characters that drew me into their story. They are both quite complex and Ms. Davis gives the reader glimpses into their backgrounds that greatly help to understand them. Ms. Davis also creates a secondary cast that adds much depth to this story. Gabe and Madison Rourke from Endgame return as well as Nigel, Harrison and Cullen.

Not only does Ms. Davis intrigue the reader with the main characters and their story but also she creates a very believable villain in the bomber and writes this character in such a way as to mesmerize her audience with his deeds. She keeps her reader guessing right up until the final pages.

As much as I liked Endgame I find myself liking Enigma even more and am only sorry that I can only give it five roses. In this series at least Ms. Davis is getting better with each book and Nigelís story, Exposure is coming up in September. I can hardly wait to see what she has in store for him.

If you want to read some of the best breathtaking keep you on the edge of your seat romantic suspense being written today then be sure and pick up a copy of Enigma and while your at it grab Endgame too and save yourself the return trip to the bookstore. Any book by Dee Davis spells romantic suspense at its absolute best. Start reading and be prepared to be amazed.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Barbara.

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