by Joy Nash

June 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52639-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Joy Nash’s newest novel is a unique mix of a historical and a paranormal. Set during the time of the Roman Empire, this story brings to light a period much forgotten in the romance world. Celtic Fire tells the story of a queen whose people are in a losing battle with Rome and the Roman commander who loves her.

Rhiannon, is truly a Celtic queen born to rule her people. Unfortunately her people are fighting both themselves and the Romans. She has become a figurehead who must bow to the will of the warriors in her command. All Rhiannon wants is peace and safety for her people, she cares little for power or glory. Unfortunately, for Rhiannon some of the leaders in her clan believe that power from their gods is the only way to defeat the Romans and they are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to get it. Commander Lucius Aquila, is a haunter soldier, not haunted by the deeds he committed in war but haunted by his dead younger brother. In order to put his brother’s ghost to rest Lucius travels to Britain to discover how his brother died and who is responsible in hopes that his brother will then be able to rest in peace. Upon his arrival, Lucius discovers that the Celts are fierce warriors and that his poorly trained army is no match for them. However, he does manage to capture on soldier who turns out to be none other than Rhiannon. Living as a slave to Lucius, Rhiannon discovers his gentle side and the two eventually fall in love. Together, Rhiannon and Lucius must over come years or war and prejudice in order to find the happy ever after they so richly deserve.

While, I am not fond of this particular time period I found my self swept away by the plot and the characters in Celtic Fire. This book was wonderful! It contains everything one could want in a romance and even a touch of the paranormal. The secondary characters were charming especially Lucius’ dead brother, who gave the reader an inside view of Lucius. The fact that he couldn’t speak did not slow this character down. The plot was fast paced and contained many themes that are pertinent to readers, including love, betrayal, and the fear of the unknown. The historical detail was wonderful and did not overwhelm the reader. This book is truly a winner for all historical fans out there. In fact the only downside to this book is that is was over way too soon. I encourage all you history buffs out there to check this book out- you won’t be sorry.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Jen.

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