by Reese Gabriel

March 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0169-9
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Eleesha Greene is horrified when she sees her one-time college lover Ross Maclean at her office. He has been hired to help the company find ways to restructure the company and to make staff cuts. Eleesha doesn’t know what to do since she has many unresolved emotions leftover from her one night with Ross.

Eleesha was Ross’s prize in a sorority game called “Come and Get Me” ten years ago in college. When their wild night was over, Eleesha wanted more. She was in love with Ross, but Ross quickly rejected her, making her believe their night together had not been anything special. Ross was on the fast track to the NFL, and he wasn’t about to let a college freshman slow him down. Ross had big dreams, but due to an injury, his professional football career was cut short.

Now fate has brought Eleesha and Ross back together again. The attraction and heat is still there, but so is the animosity and hidden emotions. Neither trusts each other, but soon Ross realizes that the only way he will be happy is to finally reconcile with Eleesha. His plan…marry her! But what will Eleesha think of this plan?

Heated passions and desires reignite in Come and Get Me. Eleesha and Ross have a lot of problems to work through, but Reese Gabriel ensures that the road to happiness is paved with erotic sexual encounters and a thorough reexamination of the past. This is an intense story because the idea of rejection is never an easy one to discuss. Eleesha has in many ways become bitter and having Ross suddenly reappear in her life doesn’t make her the most likable person to be around during the beginning of the story, but by the end, her softer and more vulnerable side comes through and every reader will be able to see how much she truly loves Ross.

Though perhaps not the best story from Reese Gabriel, Come and Get Me is nonetheless an entertaining read, especially for fans of stories where old lovers reunite for a happier ending.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Sarah.

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