by Maggie Casper

April 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0127-3
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Sean O’Malley is driving Honor Rollings bonkers! He keeps calling her “Little Darlin’” and driving any prospective man away from her. To Sean’s way of thinking though, it is Honor who is making him nuts. He’s told her time and time again since she moved back to Texas that she belongs to him.

As much as Honor protests, she can’t stop lusting after Sean. He drives her crazy with his attitude and his endearments, but he’s also one of the sweetest men she knows. Though she’s a bit afraid of taking their relationship to a new level, she decides that Sean is the man she wants to be with. Their sexual relationship is explosive and hot, but Honor keeps holding something back.

Sean wants Honor’s heart, not just her body. He’s determined to figure out what is making her pull away from him emotionally when she’s so willing to give herself to him physically. But when Sean discovers Honor’s fears, will he be able to heal her or will she continue to pull away until she’s alone?

Honoring Sean is an erotic and emotionally charged story that will find a special place in readers’ hearts. Sean will do anything to help Honor, and his anxiety over her fears is not only touching but proves how much he truly cares for her. Maggie Casper does a great job of showing that as much as Sean lusts for Honor, it is her inner beauty that has captivated him.

This is a great edition to the O’Malley family trilogy that not only brings back previous characters but also hints at the next story. Maggie Casper continues to enthrall this reader with her sexy, humorous and just plain old romantic stories.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Sarah.

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