by Kate Hill

April 2002
ISBN: 1-58697-406-8
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I’m a sucker for sequels! Especially when they feature characters that I have enjoyed in earlier novels. So Kate Hill’s God of the Grim was a double treat for me. Revolving around Matthew Winter, twin brother of Adam, (The Immaculate), this is an exciting and fascinating tale.

Married to his one true love, Dulcie, Matthew is living an exemplary life as a respected hematologist, happy husband, and – immaculate vampire. Then a set of circumstances turns his life upside down and Matthew’s adventures begin. While on the surface, this may seem a tale of vampire passion, politics and battles; it is actually so much more. Matthew is embarking on a journey – one that will take him far from the life he has known and the person that he once was. There is one beacon of light, one anchor, for his journey – his love for his wife Dulcie. Passionate, sensual and wild, Dulcie and Matthew are perfect for each other, but the bounds of their love will be tested time and time again before the end of this odyssey.

Reading this book clearly demonstrates Kate Hill’s own growth into a significant literary force!!! God of the Grim combines all the best elements of her previous vampire novels into a spellbinding and ‘can’t put it down’ book. The characters are perfectly defined – we readers feel the bonds shared by Matthew and Dulcie, and the frustrations at the betrayal Matthew suffers when his brother Adam seems to side with the “party line” instead of his twin! At the core of this book, however, is Matthew himself. His psychological voyage takes him through the various facets of his own personality, and forces him to confront situations that are practically beyond his imagination. He learns, grows, suffers, and emerges at the end drastically changed, yet still a man of principle, practicality and unquestioning devotion to his wife. The added dimensions to his experience have served to underscore the basic tenets by which he lives; and have enriched his ability to interact with his vampire community, his human family, and the many different species that seem to lie between the two!

I would certainly encourage readers to try God of the Grim after the first two novels, simply because the experience of reading this book is vastly enhanced by a knowledge of the characters and their histories. But that in no way detracts from the excellence of this book – it gets my highest recommendation. Given the flawless perfection of this novel, I am keeping my fingers crossed that more vampire tales will be forthcoming from the very fertile mind of Kate Hill, although this one is going to be a very hard act to follow!!

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.

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