by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

April 2005
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When you walk into your room to find a naked man on your bed, it should really make any woman smile. But Kynthia Ancaeus is not your typical woman and she is tired of finding naked men bound to her bed. Setting this one free was no different than all of the others, except this one happens to be Leksi Helios, Captain of the Venturian Guard. Now it is up to her to make sure that he doesnít bring the wrath of the Venturianís onto the heads of her aunt and sisters, and to get back her horse.

Leski is thoroughly and utterly disgusted at himself and the fact that he let a pack of warrior women bring him down and then rape him. Taking retribution against them would be easy and swift, but it would also alienate him from Kynthia, a woman that has captured his attention with her forceful ways and determination of needing no man. He knows that there is something special about her, and watching her change was something that he never thought would be that something special.

Kynthia is not a normal woman, but a Reaper, a being of great power and powerful thirsts. Where most men would run from such a magnificent creature, Leski is even more drawn to Kynthia. After a horrible first marriage, Kynthia never wanted to have another man in her life, until Leski was served to her on a platter. Leski and Kynthia embark on a love that may last the test of time, if the enemies of Venturian donít destroy Leski before Kynthia can get to him.

Raptureís Etesian is the first book of the WindWorld series that I have had the pleasure to read. Starting off the story, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, introduced me to a world that is strangely appealing and yet terrifyingly brutal. Good and evil are not simple lines that are easy to tell apart, but they blend powerfully to make a tremendous impact. Kynthia is a woman that is to be respected. powerful and deadly, she made a choice that would never make her a victim again. But with the help of Leski, she learns that love is something that can not be stopped, and true evil has friends that will make a triumph over them almost impossible. This is a truly wonderful story, and I canít wait to get my hands on the rest of the stories in this series.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Angel.

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