by Yahrah St. John

December 2004
ISBN: 1-58314-535-4
Reviewer Graphic Button B E T Books
Mass Market Paperback

Advertising executive Nia Taylor goes after what she wants on the job, but is rather timid when it comes to love because she has had past experiences she wouldn’t wish on any woman. When handsome, charismatic banker Damon Bradley begins to lavish her with attention, she is shocked. She and Damon come from two different worlds, and she is nothing like Damon’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Kendall.

As Nia struggles to trust Damon despite Kendall’s constant interference, the father she has never met comes into her life. Can Nia forgive her father for abandoning her and move on or will she hold on to her anger and lose the man she’s waited for her entire life?

One Magic Moment is a richly-detailed, clever, and warm story. The superb writing reveals Yahrah St. John to be one of the most talented new authors on the literary scene today. It appears that with her writing, she has one purpose – to touch the hearts of others by creating vibrant, passionate characters and a riveting storyline. St. John hits her mark effortlessly.

Nia and Damon are the usual pair who must overcome predictable obstacles, yet what makes their roles original is the fact that they come across not as fictional characters but as living, breathing people with believable feelings and fears like ourselves. And for that remarkable feat, Yahrah St. John is deserving of accolades.

Reader, select this book; I assure you – the magic will last longer than a moment. You’ll still be smiling even after the final page is turned.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Natasha.

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