by Linnea Sinclair

Septemeber 2001
ISBN: 1-931696-99-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.
Trade Paperback

Let’s be honest, we romance readers love our kick-ass heroines! Whether they are walloping the backsides of medieval warriors, planting their slippers up the breeches of a Regency Lord, or bruising the buttocks of a contemporary alpha male, we are rooting for them all the way!! Well, folks, I am thrilled to tell you that now the galaxy is the limit. Linnea Sinclair has masterfully created science fiction romances featuring the most vibrant heroines who gleefully kick interstellar butt across several star systems, and Trilby Elliot maybe one of the best!!!

She’s not about to let the fact that she’s Captain of an almost dead spacecraft with a crew of one (a droid with an affectionate nature who badly needs an overhaul) stop her from salvaging the craft that has crash landed near her hideaway. Unfortunately the single occupant of that craft might! He’s a tall, unbelievably handsome humanoid, with a mess of bruises and an even bigger mess of secrets. Trilby knows she can cure the physical damage, but before long realizes that sexy Pilot Rhis Vanur is actually posing a much greater threat – to her heart!

Am I going to go further into the plot? No. I don’t want to spoil it. I will say that this book is an awesome blend of political complexity and alien concepts, overlaid with the essential human elements of a passionate love affair. Some readers say they are afraid of science fiction romances – too many alien names and too much “techno-stuff” – but to those readers I say ‘try a Linnea Sinclair book’. Finders Keepers features aliens whose names include vowels (unlike some Arthurian historicals; do you know how many ways the name Merlin can be spelled?). The advanced technology is simply “there”, it is not excessively detailed or explained; if you are the captain of a spacecraft, a wise writer assumes that you’ll know what to do with a datalyzer if you’re given one! Linnea Sinclair is a wise writer.

But in front of all the science and the fiction is the romance. Trilby and Rhis are sooo meant for each other. They fight, they love, they part, they ache, and they experience all the highs and lows that falling in love can bring. Each has secrets, both have past “baggage”, and both fail to realize that there is an empty space in their hearts that the other is rapidly filling! Their teasing, laughter, and passion are early signs of their involvement – but it goes much deeper as the story progresses into the heart of this fascinating space adventure, and the limits of the love they discover for each other are put to the test. And, as we romance readers know, love has no limits!!

Perhaps you’re considering adding a science fiction romance to your shelves, or perhaps you just need a change from muscular sword-wielding knights. Whatever the reason, I strongly urge you to consider any of Linnea Sinclair’s novels – whether writing under this name or as Megan Sybil Baker, she proves that love makes not only the world go ‘round, but also the local galactic cluster and several nearby nebulae as well!!!

(An eBook version of this novel is also available from NBI Books, ISBN# 1-931696-00-4.)

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.

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