by Rebecca Williams, Susie Charles

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-088-2
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In a new line, featuring the Zodiac, Liquid Silver Books has packaged together two short, erotic stories for each sign.

In Aries, the first story is Slow Burn by Rebecca Williams. Rebel Pemberton-Blythe has very mixed emotions about her upcoming thirtieth birthday. One on hand, turning thirty spells disaster. But, on the other hand … it also means a promise made years ago is about to be fulfilled; boss Aidan Quinn promised Rebel that if they were both free by the time she turned thirty, they’d spend her birthday having mind-blowing sex. Though secretly in love with Aidan, Rebel thinks that a night with Aidan is all she’ll get. But Aidan has other ideas. He’s prepared to claim Rebel in every way possible, giving her a birthday she’ll never forget!

In A Ram For Sam by Susie Charles, Sammy is about to turn thirty and her friends are determined to make it more than just a birthday. Friend Jodi has announced that Sam needs to “hook up” with her Zodiac soul mate, “Aries”, but having been down that road before, Sam isn’t willing to go again. Wanting marriage and a family was a dream she was about ready to give up on. Enter Ben, the older brother of friend Jamie, and things start heating up fast. Ben goes “undercover” to give Sam a special birthday surprise, and the attraction between the two heat up the pages!

Quick, hot reads, the new Zodiac line will no doubt become favorites of readers of erotica.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Kari.