by Kylie Brant

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27436-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

Rianna Kingsley was has no idea who keeps trying to kill her, especially since she wasnít sure who she is. Six years ago she floated up on a beach barely alive and with no memory, as her health returned, her memory did not. Shortly after her health returned another assassin made an attempt on her life. Now she is left trying to find the answers to who she is and why these men will not leave her alone, as she tries to keep herself safe.

Jake Tarrance is attracted to Rianna the minute he meets her. And that was before he became the next hired assassin to do her in. Now will she be able to trust him enough to allow him to help her or will the fact that he is even associated with such men as her assassins have her running the other direction?

This book holds a readerís interest as it reveals puzzle pieces and lays them out for the reader to look at and try to piece together. Though the book does not become clear or even begin to make sense until the final piece is revealed, this adds to the intrigue that keeps the reader captivated until the final page of the story.

There is intense chemistry between the two main characters from their first meeting. The only problem with the entire story may be if one does not care for reading without understanding anything for an entire book. Because the reader is literally in the dark about a lot of things, including the shadyness of Jake Tarrance, until the end.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Katy.

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