by Diana Duncan

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27429-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1359
Mass Market Paperback

24 hours of suspense and love. There is a lot that can happen in a day and Diana Duncan takes the unique premise for Midnight Hero and leaves her readers satisfied with a thrilling mixture of danger and life-altering decisions.

SWAT cop Conall O’Rourke has definite plans for the day. Propose to the woman he loves, sweep her off her feet and into his arms for a night of loving. However Bailey Chambers starts off the day with bad news. She’s made up her mind to break up with her man. Her fears for his life and of losing him leave her no choice. Loving Con is not enough.

Con is not one to give up easily and sets out to convince her to give them a second chance. Bringing roses and ready to talk it out he turns up at her bookstore.

Introducing Con and Bailey not at the beginning of their relationship, but at a very important turning point, the author then throws them into a life-threatening scenario. Robbers take over the mall Bailey works at, taking three hostages—one a pregnant woman. Undetected, Con and Bailey are the only chance the hostages have to go home safe and alive.

Hunted through the dark corridors, fearing for her life, his life and the life of her friends, it’s Bailey’s worst nightmare and it’s also her chance to learn what she’s capable of. Trusting Con with her life she very soon proves to be resourceful, intelligent and courageous, growing as a person and into the role of a needed and appreciated partner.

It’s Con who allows her to unearth her hidden strengths, her passion. He puts his faith in her and is not disappointed. Most of the story features Bailey’s journey taking center stage, but Con’s learning path–maybe slower and more subtle–is just as life-changing and embracing.

With next to no outside interference the reader is given the chance to fully concentrate on those two protagonists. Learning all about their characters, coming to care for them, fearing for their lives and cheering on their tentative steps towards reconciliation.

Diana Duncan delivers non-stop suspense, action and dangers at every corner and a showdown worthy of any big budget Hollywood movie—think Die Hard, SWAT and 24 all combined in one book! Three brothers and fellow SWAT cops promise enough hero material for many more books in her Forever in a Day miniseries. Don’t miss the first, Midnight Hero!

Reviewed in March 2005 by Kris Alice.

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