by Michelle M. Pillow

February 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-321-X
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Grumpy troll Cupid is tired of being mocked at the Lycaon court. One wrong arrow and he's forever vilified as a cute cherubic matchmaker. He has devised a plan to get back at the superior Lycans. He will go to the mortal world, find the ugliest female there, and soak her with werewolf pheromones. Then, he will just sit back and watch them fight like savages over her. Yes, that sounds like a grand plan, and he's found the perfect woman for the part. She has hideous long blonde locks, grotesque sky blue eyes and is disgustingly clean. Without a wart or scar on her, Cupid can barely stand to touch her long enough for the transport to Lycaon.

Ilar saves the human from a group of his men, unaware at first of her appeal. Not only is she perfection of face and form, but the pheromones she emits are mind boggling. As Commander of the Guard, he has more self-control and quickly locks the girl in his wing of the tower. Now most of his fellow Lycans are locked up to keep them from harming themselves and attacking Rhiannon in a fit of lust. Ilar needs to find a way to break the enchantment so that he can claim Rhiannon for himself.

Ms. Pillow has put a nasty spin on the favored legend of Cupid. Her depiction of the anti-social, disgusting troll was truly original. Ilar is such a powerful, sexy alpha werewolf. Poor Rhiannon is completely innocent and doesn't understand the reactions that Ilar draws forth from her body. These two have a severe problem with lack of communication. They fumble around so badly on the path of love that I wanted to crack their heads together. Allís well that ends well, if they don't kill each other first. I almost pity poor Cupid when these two catch up with him.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Jodi.

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