by Amy J. Fetzer

ISBN: 0-7582-1103-1
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Trade Paperback

Killian Moore is a disgraced ex-Marine, due to a blown DEA bust in Columbia three years ago. He also has no way to redeem himself. After the Marines, he recruits four military buddies and they become one of the best retrieval teams around. That doesn’t explain why the Deputy Director of the CIA is on his doorstep with a proposition – Go into Columbia and retrieve a spy or if she’s turned, “retire” her, all in 28 days! Something is so very wrong with this situation, but what? Why does the CIA want to eliminate one of their own? Killian trusts his team but that’s it, especially NOT the CIA!

Alexa Gavlin, aka Jade Bennett, wakes up in a cane field naked, her cover blown and with no memories of the last month. Oh yeah, right next to a decomposing dead man with HER knife in his chest! She decides this will probably be the worst day of her life but what she doesn’t realize is it’s going to be the worst – and best – two weeks of her life! First thing on the agenda – get out of Columbia and work on getting her memory back. Alexa, being a spy, has learned to trust no one ever!

Killian quickly catches up to Alexa and she proceeds to lead him, along with drug dealers, arms dealers, the Tong and various other unsavory people, on a merry chase, but she doesn’t know why!! In her line of work, she also trusts no one! What she will learn is that she can trust Killian – he can and will help her, if she’ll let him!

The Naked Truth by Amy J. Fetzer is another exciting book that’s impossible to put down. From Colombia to DC to Hong Kong and beyond, she writes a story of massive betrayal, treason, cruelty, deceit, tentative trust and blossoming love. Alexa and Killian have both been betrayed by their country and have learned the hard way to trust no one. Watching them learn to trust one another was heart wrenching! Do yourself a favor – you deserve it! Pick up The Naked Truth now! You won’t be sorry!!!!

Reviewed in July 2005 by PamL.

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