by Noire

January, 2005
ISBN: 0-345-47721-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Strivers Row (Random House, Inc.)

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Riches and comfort come at a harshly steep price in Noire’s urban erotic thriller, G-Spot. After the death of their grandmother, Juicy Stanfield and her brother must depend on the less-than-charitable assistance of neighborhood kingpin, Granite “G” McKay, in order to survive the mean streets of Harlem.

Under his guardianship, Juicy is forced to play an obedient, subservient trophy piece, while denying her own sexual desires and needs. Dressed to impress in the most highest couture and jewels, she must accompany her master to and from his gentleman’s club, G-Spot. This den of iniquity is the playpen to the city’s highest rollers. From celebrities to business men to thugs, they all come from far and wide to fulfill their heart’s deepest desires. After business closes, however, Juicy is required to perform whatever sadistic act her loathsome street hustler commands of her or endure threats to her only living relative, Jimmy, who remains clueless to her plight and enslavement.

It is not until the return of G’s only son, Gino, does Juicy begin to rattle the bars of her dismal, gilded cage to experience the kind of love that she thought never existed. Fresh out of college and looking for a better way of life other than the family business, Gino sets Juicy in motion to free herself from her sex-slave bonds to the elder McKay. Through their passion, Juicy begins to do the one thing that could cost her everything: think for herself. In the heat of loving, their intimate relationship starts a chain of events, unleashing G’s diabolical plot, which will guarantee the life of no one.

Granite McKay is the quintessential villain. Noire left no room for likeability or redemption in this character. I truly hated and loathed everything he represented: greed, wrath, envy and lust. He’s only three sins shy of seven. Not to mention, he’s also unforgiving, cold-hearted, and manipulative. He truly embodies what it is to be a monster in human garb. It also demonstrates the author’s keen ability to create such a deep and fearful character study.

Noire’s dark and grimy look at the underbelly of the pimp game is a bitter pill to ingest. She refuses to romanticize the situation; declining to paint it in rosy colors like rappers Snoop Dog and Lil’ Jon. She shows you just how dangerous and mentally debilitating the circumstances are for women like Juicy. However, Noire also doesn’t make it easy to feel sympathy for this street urchin either. At first, I wasn’t even sure if Juicy desired freedom, despite warnings from her closest friends and her own inner thoughts.

G-Spot kept my heart beating furiously in my throat till the very end. At times, I felt like Juicy, unsure of who to trust or where to go. With every character I met, I slowly began to see that not everyone is who they pretend to be. Just when you think all hope is lost and there can be no salvation, Juicy is handed a way out, but at the heftiest price.

This story is not for the faint of heart. However, if you are willing to explore this cold, cruel pimp world, be warned, fair reader, it’s a gritty love story with a capital G.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Cheena.

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