by Morgan Hawke

September 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-197-2
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Captain James Aloysius Houk is an 18th century pirate, currently residing in modern day New York City. I know, you’re asking, “How is this possible”?? This is the result of “Belle” a pixie who kidnapped Houk 200 years ago and took him to her magical island Neverland to become a playmate for “her boys”. Once the boys left for worlds unknown, there was no reason to keep Houk so she sunk the island and put Houk adrift in his ancient ship to be rescued! However, Houk caught her and placed her in a cage!!

Houk is very angry with Belle for a couple of reasons! The first is she took away the only home he’s known for the last 200 years without letting him know and the second is he’s in love with her and not sure what to do about it. What is he supposed to do about being madly in love with a pixie??? All he has going for him is something his Irish Grandmother told him when he was young and he plans on seeing if the legend is true!!! As a pixie, Belle is smart, yet innocent!! She must remain innocent in order to stay a pixie!! Houk’s plans are to make Belle The Pirate’s Pixie forever!!

James is a man who will stop at nothing to get the woman of his dreams but Belle couldn’t possibly be in love with Houk, could she? What are all the feelings roaring through her at the sight of James??

The antics of James and Belle are both amusing and heart warming! Morgan Hawke gives us a different slant on pirates and pixies! I loved the concept of The Pirate’s Pixie and Ms. Hawke gives us two perfect characters! This book is highly recommended for anyone looking for a slice of fantasy!!!

Reviewed in March 2005 by PamL.

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