by Diane Tyrrel

April 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20195-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Sarah Logan has been hired to be a companion for May Defalle, the daughter of Gatien Defalle. She knows nothing of the family, nothing of May, knows nothing of Gatien. She didnít want to turn down the job, the money was too good, if she stayed for one year, there would a very generous bonus. There are questions Sarah has, but no one will give her a straight answer. What has she gotten herself into anyway?

Gatien Defalle is rarely home. Doesnít say much when he is home. Seems to be standoffish where his daughter May is concerned. Does not want to talk about his dead wife Lisa with anyone. When he comes home and meets Sarah, the woman his sister-in-law Helen hired to be with his daughter, he has doubts about Sarahís ability. She seems really young for such a huge undertaking. Can he trust her to be alone with his daughter while he is gone a lot of the time?

Sarah learns that Lisaís death may not have been a suicide, but a murder. When people start arriving at the house wanting to see the library, Lisa was a collector of old books and manuscripts; Sarah wonders what it was Lisa was suppose to have. She wants to investigate the library, but Gatien has stated the library is off limits to her and everyone else, without giving a reason why. When the cottage where Sarah is staying is torched, she knows she has to find out how and why Lisa died. Will she be able to without getting herself or May or even Gatien killed? Gatien is trying hard to keep his distance from Sarah, but of course he fails, he is very attracted to her. Will Gatien ever be able to love again? Will he believe Sarah when she admits to him she does not believe Lisa killed herself, but believes someone killed her? Sarah does start caring for Gatien, but she really does not want to get involved, she is concerned she will wind up like Lisa did, dead.

This book was fabulous. It had a gothic feeling to it, even though it was in a contemporary setting. It reminded me of Victoria Holt books, which I read every single one of hers. It had romance, deceit, murder, mystery, and suspense; there were even some funny parts. If you enjoy a book with all these elements, you will most definitely enjoy On Winding Hill Road.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pat.

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