by Lucy Zahlne

February 2002
ISBN: 1-58749-138-9
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Robert Amberley, known as Robin, is exiled from England for a deed he did not commit. In fact it was his cousin, Giles Bridland who actually abducted Valeria and sprinted her off to Gretna Green to marry her. During Robin’s exile from England he learned many different languages and was able to fit in almost anywhere he went, from Italy to the American Colonies, from being a gypsy to a fur trader to a French nobleman - sometimes barely escaping with his life! Robin is content in France until he learns he is the new Duke of Lynkellyn, and must wed in two weeks to keep the inheritance and legacy of his great grandfather. But that is only part of the stipulation - the other is to have a child by the second year of the late Duke’s death. If it doesn’t happen then his cousin, the one who set him up and destroyed his life, will inherit everything. So he sets out for England to find a wife with good bloodlines.

Robin is very deeply hurt that no one believed he was innocent of the crime his cousin claimed. But Robin is the most caring gentleman, and not bad to look at either, always willing to help someone in need, even after a good deed exiled him from his home, family and friends. Trying to break back into the ton, his once friends turn their back on him, but a few come around due to their wives. Robin’s friends still refer to him as “Rogue Robin”. Desperate, Robin kidnaps Lucia and forces her to wed him with 15 minutes to spare for part of his legacy.

Lucia Cothcourt is very strong willed, beautiful, and can defend for herself and does many times throughout the story. Her past is almost as colorful as Robin’s and they make them kindred souls.

Robin and Lucia are at odds from the first time they meet when one of them is holding up the other’s coach. You will just have to read to find out which one is trying to rob the other! Robin and Lucia fall in love with each other over time, but both are just too stubborn to admit it to one another. This brings many escapades for Lucia and Robin to endure. Robin is jealous of anyone that looks at Lucia especially Lord Peter Northton. However, Peter is just a friend and Lucia confides to him everything that is going on in her marriage. He is much like an older brother to Lucia, but Robin does not see it that way and very much sets out to distance himself from Lucia and set out doing some very unthinkable things.

The Rogue’s Revenge is a very interesting and fast paced read. There are several curve balls that are thrown in to make it all that more interesting. The secondary characters added to the story in many different ways, and let us not forget people from both Robin and Lucia’s past that have come back to haunt them both. Ms. Zahnle brings us a tale of two lost souls trying to make it in the world that has turned its back to them. After what they had endured it was refreshing to see them happy together and surrounded by the ones they love.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Pam.

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