by Amanda Quick

April 2005
ISBN: 0-515-13864-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Elenora Lodge has had enough of men running her life. Thanks to her step-father, she has no inheritance, no money, and no home. However, thanks to her late grandmother, Elenora is gifted with the innate ability to overcome everything. Becoming a paid companion seemed to be the best way for her to gain enough money to go into trade as a bookstore owner. Sadly, the prospective employers she’s interviewed are not working out . . . that is until Elenora storms into the placement agency demanding interviews with better quality employers and meets the Earl of St. Merryn.

Arthur Lancaster needs an actress; he needs a woman to pose as his fiancé so that he can conduct an investigation unimpeded by the ton. However, actresses are easily discovered and he needs everything to look as real as possible. Falling back on a statement he himself made in the past, Arthur decides his best bet is to hire a paid companion. What better way to guarantee his plan will go off without a hitch? What Arthur doesn’t plan on are his feelings for Elenora or her abilities in helping him ferret out the problems he runs into in his investigation.

Part of Ms. Quick’s greatest appeal as a “Must Read” author to me is her deeply developed characters. Elenora and Arthur are no exceptions. Elenora is a trademark Amanda Quick heroine in that she is fiercely independent, exceptionally intuitive, and highly intelligent. She has set a personal goal for herself and does everything full steam ahead to guarantee that goal. Arthur is also a trademark for Ms. Quick. He possesses an overly developed sense of responsibility, suppresses his great passion, and is all around greatly misunderstood by the general populace.

Another of Ms. Quick’s appeal is her ability to keep the reader guessing until the end. Her stories are written in such a ways that you can never figure out “whodunit”, even though you might have a few theories. With well-developed supporting characters, smooth flowing storyline, and a tried-and-true writing style, The Paid Companion is another addition to the Amanda Quick keeper shelf. I’m certain that you will enjoy it as much as I have – many times!

Reviewed in April 2005 by Vikky.

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