by Carolina Valdez

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-345-2
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Christiana, an Earl’s daughter in medieval England, doesn’t want to be a Lady. She is happiest dressed in boy’s clothes and watching the knights practicing swordsmanship. When she first spots the Dark Knight, Rowan du Veau, her heart stirs.

I enjoyed the setting of this novel and the author’s attention to detail. She captures the atmosphere of the era so well. The characters are well thought out and the rival for Christiana’s affections, Sir Guy, is the type you love to loathe!

Christiana has a lot of growing up to do and it is interesting to see how she develops as a character throughout the book. She matures and takes her responsibilities a lot more seriously as she addresses her own womanhood.

The attraction between Rowan and Christiana is played out carefully because Rowan is still carrying a torch for his Daviana, whom he is trying to make money to win her hand. Though we don’t meet her, she is portrayed as a rather shallow woman and adds a good touch to Rowan’s loyalty as a man and a knight.

I enjoyed the tension and the intrigue but I felt that the story ended with lose ends not tied up. I felt the book could easily have gone on for another chapter. It is well worth a read though especially for medieval romance fans as the period is well described. The author researched the era very well. You can feel the atmosphere so well.

Carolina Valdez is a new author to me but I will certainly look for her again as she writes a good romance.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Mary.

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