by K. Celeste Bryan

May 2005
ISBN: 1-932-673-63-6
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Trade Paperback

In 1843 North Carolina, a woman gives birth to twin girls. One is born without any breath, or so everyone thinks, the other twin lives.

Wynter McCain was born into wealth and privilege. But she was sad and lonely. Her mother is deceased. She had a brother, who died when he was four years old. Her father has remarried. She decides to run up to the attic one day, just to defy her step-mother, to feel close to her mother again. She uncovers a book, which appears to be a diary of some sort. She reads it and discovers two babies were born, not one. She has a twin! She decides not to mention anything, she and father have had enough tragedy.

When Wynter turns 18, she travels to visit her aunt and uncle in Minnesota. While there she meets Dax Oliver and his brother Cord.

The War Between North and South breaks out, Dax joins to keep an eye on his brother, Fenn. While fighting, Wynter discovers she is with child. To save her reputation, Cord offers to marry her. He is in love with her.

When Dax returns from the war, without his brother Fenn, who died during battle. He is shocked to learn Wynter had married his brother and Minnesota was in the middle of an Indian war. Half his family is gone and Wynter has been taken by the Indians.

Will Dax find her with the help of the only man, who is called Wa-na-pay, who can track anything? Dax didnít know this tracker was married to a woman who was the mirror image of Wynter!

What a outstanding book! K. Celeste Bryan has penned a most amazing story. You can feel Wynters grief and pain and happiness. Dax has a good, kind heart, he tries to do the right thing for the ones he loves. I am thrilled to know there will be a sequel, Moon of the Long Night, will answer some unanswered questions. Just hope you donít have to wait for a long time to read the sequel.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Pat.

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